Thursday, March 11, 2010

Garden 2010

Today brought the first turning of the soil in the garden. The "tiller" did it's job and combined the autumn leaves down into the earth. Some spots are still to soggy.

This year a new crop will be planted. Strawberries will take up residence and lend a whole new adventure for me. Let's hope this new crop is a successful adventure.

Last year the potato harvest only lasted until late November. Needless to say more potatoes are being planted this year.

More Corn
No experiementing with varieties this year. Too much trial and error.

Less Tomatoes
I have a plethora of last falls harvest still tucked in the freezer. A few Romas and some nice slicing tomatoes are all that will be planted. A few heirloom varieties will appear perhaps.

More Peppers
Thanks to my cousin Rob we have developed a huge hunger for a simple dish of banana peppers sliced and stuffed with sausage and topped with melted cheese.

More Onions
Red ones this year too!

Less Squash
Unless I find an exotic species that tickles my fancy.

 Am I up to another pickle challenge? I have had requests for them, so we will see.

Carrots Carrots and more Carrots
Purple Carrots?

I'm scared though

This fits the slow down lifestyle perfectly. Patience darling.

Not this year. I tend to neglect the lettuce and let it grow too long and end up with bitterness.

Of Course

Chives and Oregano
Are already up and growing

Of Course

Kind of excited about this

I haven't had much luck in the past with cauliflower. Maybe this year will be different.

Green Beans

Pretty soon these are going in the ground.

Oh, who knows what else might be added to this list. I am open for suggestions and or recommendations.

Spring Fever anyone?

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