Sunday, March 14, 2010

Voles not Moles

Okay, couldn't these be slither marks? Well I was 100% convinced that a rather large snake had taken up residence here at Columbia Creations.

I decided to go for a walk about and check out what plant life had survived the blizzards of Ohio.Then... there they were...slither marks... Now, I am not exactly anti-snake because I know they are a vital part of the big ole' food chain. I just do not like being caught unaware. So, I decide to investigate further and find out where this massive serpent might be living.

 There I was wandering around, snapping photos of the ground (it must have been an interesting sight) for proof of these unexplained markings. You see, it was starting to rain and I feared that no one would ever believe me if I didn't have photographs for proof. The rain might wash away all of my evidence.
I tracked from one hole in the ground to the other. Cautiously, so that nasty booger couldn't catch me unaware.

Later that night I consulated the crystal ball of the internet seeking the answers for what species made these marks.
Turns out it's just little Voles. Not a typo, they are Voles not Moles. Geez what a relief! Wait, do snakes eat Voles?

photographs were enhanced to highlight the great giant vole tracks.

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