Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Fun Finds

A quick run down of my favorite new (to me) things this world offers. All were discovered or re-discovered during 2014.
Due to that pesky brain tumor and various other peculiar situations we found ourselves in this year, our travel was limited. I still managed to discover a few cool spots, locally, and a bit of interesting entertainment from the trusty old recliner.

For the absolute best ever pistachio ice cream (not green and icky) visit Mitchell's Ice Cream in CLE.
The pistachios are finely ground and roasted. Made with my local favorite Smith's Dairy Milk.
Who doesn't love fantastic fresh sugars? Sugar Bomb Confections offers the goods!
Pierogi Heaven. The most delicious of them all can be found at Stan's Northfield Bakery.
Got Jerky? Macks Food Center has the best!
Lilyhammer from Netflix. Just discovered it while laid up with the influenza. More episodes Please!
A new blog in my reading, I like reading. Attic 24
Another great blog. Two Men and a Little Farm.

Happy New Year
Wait..What? tomorrow means everything is going to be different and better and greater and I will be skinny and beautiful and rich and not smoke cigarettes, and I will exercise, stop swearing like a sailor, my hair will no longer be streaked with grey and my boobs will be perky??


Also, RIP Robin Williams and Joe Cocker

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  1. Stop swearing like a #@&^%$^&()_(*!! Sailor?

    Don't ya dare.
    Happy New Year.