Saturday, January 10, 2015

Deep Freeze

Look what found their way into my cart at the Goodwill. Lucky brand slipper boots with a sole sturdy enough to venture to the back porch to feed the birds but, still relaxed enough to putz around the house in a slipper sort of mode.
Bargain at under $4.00.

 Look double squirrels on the bird feeder. The snowman feeder is cute as heck but, a real pain in the behind to fill with sunflower seeds. I purchased this thinking it would certainly prevent the squirrels from eating the bird feed. How's that working for me? Not effective. This was taken pre-deep freeze. Currently the feeder hangs among the snow covered frozen branches waiting for me to come out and refill.
Homemade Granola makes me get out of bed in January. I like a little yogurt with a generous amount of granola. I could live on this stuff. I've found granola is most enjoyable without the addition of dried fruit. I'm kinda over dried fruit. From scones to biscotti to granola, I've used my fair share of dried fruits and at some point my interest might return to this humble ingredient but, for now, I'm over it.
Uncle Tim Soup loaded with crackers makes a perfect weekday evening meal. This soup is quick to come together and everyone loves it around my house. A huge pot of soup is ready in under 20 minutes. Caker cooking at it's finest.

Deep Freeze weather demands crocheting. Today I floated from the stove to the crochet corner to the glass cutting area of the basement. The scarf is for Anna. It matches a slouchy beanie that I've already crocheted for her. The scarf is a free form piece of work with no pattern. I'm making the ends of the scarf fancier by crocheting in the back posts only and doing a half double crochet throughout the entire middle section.
Here's a little update on the stained glass piece, I've been fussing with lately.
A serious amount of aged caulk needed removed first and foremost. A heat gun and razor knife made this job easier.
 Plexiglass does not play well with a heat gun. This panel held a little challenge but, it's de-caulked. Yep, it's a word, de-caulked.
 So here you have it. Old window panes and plexiglass removed. Painted with leftover brown paint from my basement stairs project. Today, six more pieces of glass were cut for this piece and are placed into their proper area. Good news, I only broke two pieces of glass. I'm getting better at the cutting and grinding of the glass.

It's my goal for the weekend to finish the stained glass window and Anna's scarf.
Pot number two of soup is made and dinner is covered for the weekend so aside from an exciting auction to go to, I will be tinkering away during the deep freeze finishing up projects.
I really cannot think of a better way to wittle away the time when it's to cold to venture out and about. Deep freeze mode has arrived!

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  1. Nothing, but NOTHING will keep the squirrels out. Might as well buy them some critter corn and enjoy watching them play. Or give them your dried fruit-our squirrel is partial to raisins. I do like the snowman feeder though, pain in the butt or not.

    Your stained glass is beautiful (just saw the post above) and I never would have known you were self-taught.