An early summer bloom.
This tree provided lovely fruit to fill my freezer in 2005. Sadly, the following year it became diseased and had to be removed.
The front end of a Robin Bird. It's hiding in an ornamental crabapple heaven.
Container garden if you have to, just grow some tomatoes. You will be glad you did! This is my garden 5 years ago.
Bearded Iris.
Another intricate iris.

Snow Snow Go Away! Makes for a pretty cool photo on the tulips though.
Yes, a Robin bird is the first sign of spring. This is the rear end of a Robin bird " Was she/he thinking this snow is crap?
Lovely Clematis, I need to grow this again. I moved almost 4 years back and left this behind.
Humingbird Moth. Waaay up close.
A full body shot of the Humingbird Moth
This insect flies and hovers like a humingbird. I thought this little moth was pretty interesting.
Before, I had the land to grow a huge garden, I planted my vegetables and herbs in pots and flower beds. Chives are so lovely in the spring.
This is quite possibly my favorite photo of plants that I have ever taken.
The plant is a Butterfly Bush. Clearly it attracts flying insects well. It also spreads like wildfire and takes over a bed in no time.
Pansies were my choice of flowers when Mister and I got married. They act as a perennial around here, although they are often sold as an annual.