Columbia Creations came about when I was probably 9 or 10 years old. At least, the intrigue began then, even if I had no idea how the information mattered to me.

Two words columbia/colombia.

On Saturdays, my family would load up and go to the local Red Barn Restaurant for lunch or maybe Burger Chef. Then we made our weekly stock up on groceries at a store called Miracle Mart. On this trip we would always pass a sign that I found to be beautiful. For years, I couldn't read the words. I never thought to ask someone in the car to tell me what words were written on it. Just a pretty font I guess.

Around the same time, an older cousin of mine became a student in the foreign exchange program. She was the older cousin that you always wanted to impress. Just as luck would have it, our Social Studies class in my little elementary school, began studying this foreign world. My world did not expose me to different cultures. I read about the food of that land and customs with great excitement because, my cousin was there.
In those impressionable years, I also had an aunt who grew strawberries. A huge patch of "pick your own" berries. How could a young girl help but enjoy visiting a place like that?
So, the three scenarios that I just laid out before you, have one word in common. Different spellings but, to a kid...well they sound the same.

  • Saturday grocery shopping/family lunch we drove past a Columbia Gas sign
  • My respected cousin was living in Bogota Colombia (such exotic sounding words to a kid living in podunk during the 70's.)
  • The delicious strawberries grew at my Aunt's house on Columbia Road.

    Oh yeah, and then there was that Juan Valdez fella with his Colombian coffee beans. A commercial that aired every morning around Captain Kangaroo time.
Anyhow, two spellings, one word.
I like to garden and post quite a bit about growing stuff. I chose the spelling columbia so as to not confuse people. No "cash crop" growing here.
Gardening and food played a role in each of these childhood situations. And with each situation there was the word columbia/colombia involved.

I'm thankful for the naivety I had as a child. I still try to carry a little bit of it with me today. I am not competitive at all and don't try to out garden, out cook, or out write another person's blog. I just cruise along at my own speed popping in from time to time to keep you updated on my world of Columbia Creations.