Monday, July 20, 2009


A lazy July day! I plan to spend the day working on Close To My Heart orders and organizing my next workshop to be held in August. The next workshop will have a Boho Chic theme. I'm excited to get started on this latest creation. I will post the completed project mid-August after the class has been held.
Also, while at my desk today, I want to upload some new music for this blog. I am a little slow at learning all of the gadgets and features that come along with this form of self expression.
The garden is about to explode with produce ready for picking and preserving ( I freeze more than canning). Before the abundance takes over my kitchen, I am devoting my free time to paper stuff and desk work.
I'm on the look-out for any good Chili base recipes. I plan to cook many of my Roma tomatoes/peppers with chili flavorings and freeze the "broth base". When the snow is flying this winter I can thaw the base then add meat and or beans. Last year I cooked the tomatoes and made spaghetti and pizza sauce for freezing. I am sure I will repeat the same this year.

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