Friday, August 14, 2009


I felt like a school girl giggling with delight as I unearthed this humble vegetable. Now, mind you the carrots aren't store bought in appearance however they surpass in flavor by a mile. In the spring, just purely on an impulse and whim, a short row of garden space was devoted to the possibility of having carrots. I don't know if the average home gardener produces perfectly straight carrots. Mine are not gorgeous. I will have to admit their mutant appearance is due to my inexperience. I should have thinned them more while they were small. As you can see in the photo the growth was a little crowded. I consider the carrots a bonus crop this year. As they were being planted I had the attitude of low expectations. To quote a Gin Blossoms song...If you don't expect too much from me..You might not be let down...

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