Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Days

Resting in the corner of my freezer on the third shelf down was a premium young turkey. The talk of the household consisted of varying guesses of how much snow was moving in Friday evening. With the anticipation of a huge snowstorm I snatched the turkey out of the freezer to thaw. It smelled great cooking this late afternoon and evening.There was something just warm and comforting about a simple non fussy perfectly golden turkey.The freezer has more space now and we are all pleasantly full with healthy low fat vittles.
I skipped the oil and butter on the skin. Instead I seasoned with salt and pepper and stuffed the cavity with one onion cut into two pieces, a whole head/clove of garlic broken apart, and one huge bunch of cilantro.
I had no intentions of recreating a holiday meal with this bird. Biscuits with homemade apple butter and a simple side of butter beans just hit the spot on my plate. The sweet apple butter dressed the moist meat like a champ.
Maybe I will stash the garlic to spread across some toast in the morning. Yes, on toast with a fried egg white and a slice of tomato.

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