Friday, February 19, 2010

Spending away the days.

Two full trays of what appears to be nothing but dirt are sitting on a wire shelf by a sunny window in the bathroom. The light is plentiful at this window and the steam from the shower makes a good environment for the start of my garden 2010.

This describes for you my own mini greenhouse.

 Photos of dirt are just not very exciting.

Laying beneath the blanket of warm moist soil are little seeds, waiting to emerge their heads into the light and bring the hopes of spring with them. Essentially what I see when I look at the trays of dirt....therapy for the soul. These little trays of dirt represent new life. A promise of spring days filled with hours of peace in the garden sits silently by a sunny window.

The not so distant fantasy of spring is upstaged only by the prospects of becoming a cheese maker. I have ordered the reading materials to properly prepare myself for what I hope is a successful new leap into creamy goodness. Ahhh the possibilities are endless...

There is a swirling kalidescope of ideas rambling around in my brain as I go about the daily tasks. Planning, preparing, and dreaming.

My loyal companion Cookie just doesn't see the hopes of spring. I'm glad she has a few black spots so she can be seen in the piles of snow. 

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