Friday, June 11, 2010

Vietnamese Style Coffee

I found the perfect use for my Chocolate Mint. It is a tasty addition to Ca phe sua da. Translation is, iced coffee with milk, or Vietnamese Coffee. I've never claimed to be the most cultured person. In fact, I'm rather set in my ways. Iced coffee, hot coffee, cappuccino, but Vietnamese coffee?? This is new to me. Oooo this was a daring new experience for this ole' girl.
First of all I refer to this as "Vietnamese Style Coffee" because I do not own a phin. A phin is the special filter used to brew one cup of coffee at a time. I had considered waiting to share this coffee with you until after I purchased this special filter. A phin is a metal brewing instrument that sits directly on top of your cup. Then... I said, "Nah, I can make do with my coffee maker and following the measurements".

 Technically Vietnamese coffee is made with chicory and a french roast.

Use 3 tablespoons of ground coffee and one cup of water per serving. At this point, I washed 20 small chocolate mint leaves and added them to the coffee filter prior to brewing.  

You will end up with a very strong cup of coffee.
I measured one cup per serving.

Sweetened condensed milk is added to the bottom of your glass. Most of what I have read suggested 2 tablespoons. I actually added more to mine because I have a sweet tooth. Libby was my coffee buddy and she liked her coffee with the suggested 2 tablespoons. Note we used fat free condensed milk. Fat free isn't required but hey why not!

Ice on top of milk. Coffee on top of ice. One cup of coffee to be precise.
 The sound of clanking ice, as the sweetened milk is swirled around the glass, raises the expectations of refreshment.
We added a sprig of chocolate mint because we were in the garnishing mood.

The chocolate mint was my addition to the beverage, traditionally it isn't used. It turns out this wasn't so daring. The name makes it sound so impressive. I suggest buying a phin and make a friend with a creamy glass of Ca phe sua da.


  1. I LOVE Vietnamese iced coffee. I haven't had it in so long though and your post has inspired me to seek it out again. I also love the idea of adding the chocolate mint leaves, not only for color, but for aroma and flavor. To reinforce the flavor from the herb, you could also try making a simple syrup infused with the chocolate mint and adding a bit of that to the drink as well.

    I also noticed the watermark on your photos ... were you finding people using your photos without permission?


  2. Tino,

    The idea for the simple syrup is a keeper. That would be a great way to preserve the fresh herb flavor for winter too. I think I will make chocolate mint simple syrup ice cubes.
    As to the watermarking on my photos, I have used watermarks in the past. I sometimes just get lazy when posting and fail to add it to the photo. I am very proud of some of my photos. I wouldn't mind sharing the use of them as long as permission is given first.