Friday, June 4, 2010

Work, Party, Life, not always in that order!

As performed by the great 10,000 Maniacs "These Are Days" is music that whispers in my ear and reminds me of what matters most in life. With that said, my friends, I have a confession to make. This past week has left my slow down lifestyle forsaken.

I spent the holiday weekend camping. This was a working/camping trip. We had great fun and accomplished many things. Between that and the holiday Monday I found myself behind.

Laundry day is Sunday here at Columbia Creations.

 Well, Sunday and Monday were spoken for.

Tuesday found me unloading/unpacking from the weekend.

 Wednesday was a 9 hour work day at my day job.

Thursday the garden and flower beds cried out for me to please weed them.

Today, finally the laundry was done...well almost! If you have ever gone camping (tent style) you know how much laundry needs to be done when you get home.
Ahhh too bad I didn't take photos of the weeds and dirty clothes for you!

I am so excited to be hosting a party tomorrow for family and friends. Just a few people. I think we have a confirmed 16 adults plus their children coming over.

The Menu

Chicken Drumsticks and Thighs on the grill with homemade BBQ sauce
Burgers and all the fixin's
Italian Sausage with peppers and onions
Baked Beans
Potato Salad
Macaroni Salad
Inside out Chocolate strawberries
Vegie Salad Bars
Oreo Cake
and whatever else I whip up!

The house is almost impeccably clean. The  guest bedrooms have fresh linens for the overnight guests. Plus, somehow I managed a blog post.

Maybe Libby is right... Starbucks adds something funny to their coffee! Thank goodness for my great team of helpers.

I will be slowing back down on Sunday and staying in creeper mode for awhile. Right after I make a breakfast of Sausage Gravy and biscuits for the overnight guests.

These Are Days I promise to find time for a few photos of the garden. Which is rockin' out some gorgeous goodness.These are the days.

These Are Days/ 10,000 Maniacs

These are days you'll remember
Never before and never since, I promise
Will the whole world be warm as this
And as you feel it,
You'll know it's true
That you are blessed and lucky
It's true that you
Are touched by something
That will grow and bloom in you
These are days that you'll remember

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