Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Campfire Grub

Pineapple Inside Cakes....If we are going camping, you can be certain the following four food items will be going with us. Sliced pineapples, margarine, brown sugar, and cake doughnuts are always on my shopping list.
Split the doughnut in half.
Spread each side with butter/margarine
Sprinkle with brown sugar.

Add the pineapple slice and sandwich the whole deal together.

At this point you can lock the whole package down into a pie iron or wrap it up in some tin foil. Either way... it's going into the coals of the campfire. Cook for about four minutes on each side. This is certainly one of my posts where photos are really rough. My hope is that you can get the gist of this dish, despite the quality of the pictures, and make this swell little treat.
I say yucko to Smores..

It's crunchy on the outside, syrupy sweet and tangy on the inside!

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  1. had these with janice this last weekend and they were awsome!!!