Monday, March 7, 2011

Garden 2011

"If we don't learn from the mistakes of our past we are sure to repeat them." Someone important said something like that once. Sorry, you research that if you want, my eyes are too tired for researching, just for the sake of a perfect writing.

Blueberries- the perfect fruit to support the notion of slowing down. This is how it looked last year.

I walked out into the marshy soup a few days ago and took this photo of the year old blueberry bushes.

2011 Blueberry Bushes
I am inexperienced at growing this item. I have read some information on growing blueberries and learned a few tips from other people's gardens. I suppose the best teacher will be time. Wish me luck. I really hope to pick a few blueberries this year!

*a few notes on what past garden adventures have shown me*

Corn- Mister likes to grow it. I like to freeze it. The raccoon loved eating it right off the stalk last year before it was totally ripe. If we skipped it this year I wouldn't shed a tear.

Tomatoes- Summer would not be the same if I couldn't wander out barefoot to the garden, and pick a ripe beauty, for a BLT sandwich. Last year, we cut back on the amount of plants. A few Roma, and a nice slicing variety will be planted this year. Tomatoes can be high maintenance.

Peppers- If you have never planted Anaheim's then I highly recommend that you give it a try. Of course, we will plant tons of sweet bells because we like them stuffed.

 Onions- Yes, Please. I would guess that our 2010 planting was doubled from the year before. I plan to squeeze onions in every nook and granny of the garden this year. I ran out of my winter onion stash long before winter was over.

Squash- Ugh, I love to eat them. If I can talk Mister into letting me grow them along the edge of the yard, then maybe I will plant them again. They just take over and disrupt the order of things.

Cucumbers- Viney, viney, viney! I need a whole garden just for the viney stuff. The jury is out on this crop still.

Celery- I had marginal success with the celery. I only planted 4 plants. Damn it,  I can't believe I threw out the bottom of a store bought celery the other day. I wanted to try growing celery from this. I hear it's possible. Definately planting more of this staple.

Lettuce- I have packets of seeds on my kitchen counter. I hope the muck dries up enough this weekend to plant them.

Cauliflower- Really, I need to master this crop already! We love 'callyflower' around here. I only tried planting purple cauliflower last year and the result was pitiful. I am going for the non exotic variety this year.

Carrots- Rows and rows of carrots this year. The purple variety of 2010 were a unique addition.

Cabbage- My cabbage grew well last year. I'm thinking of making kraut this year, so tons of cabbage will be planted.

Peas- We ate the peas as quickly as they grew last year. More is needed if I plan to freeze any, which is in the plan.

There are the old stand by herbs!

I'm probably forgetting a few.

Pinto Beans- My uncle grows them. I know very little about growing them but, I cook with them plenty. Aside from green beans, I am on the look out for new exciting bean crops.

Potatoes- Oh baby, will we have potatoes. We kept a nice storage of spuds in the cool basement all winter long. The spuds have sprouted! I am the proud owner of several crates of ready to go in the ground taters. Red, Yukon Gold, and Russet.

Sweet Potatoes- were a smash hit last year. Round 2 coming up this year.

Strawberries- we have 2nd year plants growing. Last year the plants yielded a few quarts. I kept picking the flowers throughout the summer because, I read this makes the next year harvest larger. Mmm smoothies!

Spinach- This crop needs to go in the ground soon. I haven't planted spinach for awhile. During the winter it seems like so many recipes use frozen spinach. I would rather head to the freezer in the garage than the frozen food aisle.

Well, there it is, all laid out in black and white.
Oversights will be adjusted as need be.

Good luck with your planting this year. A small little terrace garden can be just as rewarding. Just plant something, nurture it, and respectfully treat it as a valuable ingredient in your favorite recipe!

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