Monday, April 11, 2011

This Day

Over the weekend my travels rewarded the book shelf with 3 interesting cookbooks. I peeked through the pages just enough to know that I had to own them. Flea markets finds are the best. Cookbooks at a cheap price can be hard to find. Even local charity thrift shops are asking 3 bucks or more for a used one. Which I suppose isn't outrageous if the book is good enough. Actually, this group of books haven't quite made it to the shelf yet. They are piled in the family room, along with an afghan I have been crocheting, and a pile of photos that are in need of scrapbooking. Ahh, I'm single tasking again these days.

The vegetable garden is taking shape.The peas have popped above ground. A nice row of romaine lettuce is taking shape. And the garlic, planted last November, is looking hardy. Aside from that, the soil in the garden is mucky. I'm longing to get my hands (and toes) dirty, get outside and plant some food.
We have three rows of broccoli planted but, no sign of growth yet.

Mister and I did a stroll around the property today. Lots of perennials have returned this spring. I have luck with annuals coming back year after year as well.

The chocolate mint has taken over the herb bed beside the house. Time to pass some of the cuttings along to others, or replant elsewhere. My parsley is looking wonderfully green. Chives are up. Oregano survived. Sage is looking a little shabby, it will bounce back though. Lemon Thyme is still rocking.

The cookbooks will probably gather a little dust before I get back to them. Spring is here and the garden awaits!

I read somewhere that Yellow is the mistress to Spring. Green is the Wife and yellow the mistress. Ha. I will never look at a forsythia quite the same now!

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