Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ohio Weather

A quick garden update:

  • Blueberry bushes are covered with netting to keep out critters
  •  The carrots planted in the paper strip are up, and the rows are in horrible need of weeding. Direct sow of seeds are not up yet.
  • Strawberries are looking very promising.
  • Corn is up
  • Broccoli planted from seed is now as big as the three plants we bought. This too needs thinning
  • Onion, 4 rows from sets are doing well. No action yet in the rows planted from seed.
  • Potatoes that were planted from last years crop are growing like mad. No action yet from the hills that were planted with seed potatoes.
  • Pintos are amazing and growing well.
  • Leaf spinach could be harvested and eaten.
  • Garlic is standing loud and proud. I'll plant more this fall.
  • Herbs are all thriving.
  • Romaine lettuce looks good but, needs thining.
  • No cauliflower, yet that was planted from seed.
  • No cabbage yet, that was planted from seed.
  • The volunteer onions are ready to be pulled.
  • Peas are climbing the trellis.
  • I can't tell if the sesame is growing yet because, I don't know how to identify the crop from the tiny weeds yet. I have planted more seeds and placed it in the incubator in case my direct sow doesn't take hold. I'm being frugile with the seeds because of their origin.
  • Camomile is up.
  • The peppers are still hanging out in the incubator
  • Tomatoes are still hanging out with the peppers.
  • Tomatillos are almost ready to re-pot and are still in the incubator.
It's cold in Ohio today. The inside of our house is in the low 60's and I refuse to turn the heat on. We have had many straight days of rain which has left the garden well watered but, not workable. The crops love the rain, unfortunately the weeds love the rain too. I'm sure as soon as the sun shines and dries up all of the rain, I will be a weed murdering maniac. No chemicals, I hand pull the little rascals.
I'm waiting to plant the tomatoes and peppers until this cold rainy spell is gone.
It's been said, "If you don't like the weather in Ohio wait a few hours, it's sure to change."
I think this is what makes our state wonderful!
I'm ready for the warm sunshine now!

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