Thursday, June 23, 2011


 Baby Leaf Spinach has come and gone in the garden, for now. Spinach prefers cool weather. The garden doesn't have a huge area designated for spinach, although my fall planting may be larger than the spring row.

The photos were taken on June 9th.

I needed the row for planting my tomatillos which had out grown their pot. As you can see, the spinach plants were just pulled from the ground. The roots make for a nice photo. Left behind was a nice empty row for another vegetable to start maturing.
I sowed the spinach seed directly into the garden on March 17th. On April 14th a few tiny spinach sprouts were visible. By June 9th I was pulling, blanching and freezing a few bags full. Fresh spinach is wonderful and the fall planting will be a welcome sight when fresh greens are needed.

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