Friday, October 28, 2011

Treat Bags

Halloween ranks low on my list of favorite celebratory events. This post is listed under the label of holidays simply because the day includes crafts, foods, and projects normally associated with a holiday. It is not considered a holiday in my home. Most children would consider it among their favorite "holidays".
 Treat bags have been a long time honored tradition with my kids. I am certain to have made thousands of them over the years.
This time around my approach was fairly basic. Still, I wanted to share the chalking technique with you. Somehow, I am sure you would be able to expand and improve on my quickie project. Remember, after the first 900 treat bags, a mom (being me) is allowed to go the quickie route.
So here we are...Halloween 2011 almost come and gone...Hooray!
Here is what we did and what we used.

white paper bags (small)
hole punch
Watermark stamping pad
clear acrylic stamps
colored (black and orange) chalk
small paint brush (optional)
candy... duh of course

I like acrylic stamps. My stamping skills are at their best when I can see what I'm doing and where the image is being stamped.
 Select your themed stamp, using the watermark stamp pad, stamp the image on your bag.
Chalk is applied to the stamped image. We used two methods, as seen in the photo below. There is a slightly different result between the two methods. Using a paint brush to apply the chalk gives a soft subtle look to your finished project. Rubbing the chalk directly across the stamp image gives a bolder effect with a less controlled area of coverage. I liked both methods.

  1. Stamp the bag
  2. Chalk the bag
  3. Fill the bag
  4. Fold top of the bag over and punch a hole
  5. Tie a ribbon to secure the goodies inside
I'm certain more time was spent photographing and writing this blog post than actually making the final product.
Time spent was less than an hour.
Sure, we could have purchased fabulous cellophane bags. This project came together with odds and ends left over from other crafty adventures. All in all we made classroom treat bags with the spirit of fun.
 Check...another Halloween success!
Happy Haunting!

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