Thursday, January 26, 2012

I vote for Monkey Bread!

Lately everyone is down in the mud pit of politics? At least, it seems that way. A presidential election brings out the passion and craziness. Today, I read something and watched a video clip on a well known faith based internet publication. The entire story, when read, and the corresponding video clip, when watched, was orchestrated to plant a certain notion. This notion will continue to spiral with news coverage and ultimately have all of the hives a buzzing. I read the story and watched the clip. It all seemed so fabricated.

The one concern I have for this type of journalism is that there are people/voters out there who put so much trust in their news source, that they are willing to blindly swallow whatever information being spoon feed to them everyday.

Faith based followers, loyal to their information bases, are most likely to fall victim to irresponsible journalism. Nothing brings out the trust factor in people like a little name dropping. Add the word Christ or Jesus to something and surely it must be true.

 How have we allowed our world's to mix so irresponsibly? Does anyone out there really know the ins and outs of our founding father's faith systems? Did this make them more or less qualified to write our Constitution or create our government?

Why would we need to mix our worship with our politicians. That's like hanging dirty clothes on the clothes line expecting the gentle breeze to wash them for us.

The two human aspects just shouldn't be in the same arena.

I'm not passionate about politics, or religion for that matter. I have a solid faith system, and I read enough political information to make a responsible decision come election time. One thing I will not be doing is... getting into the Monkey business of mixing those two worlds!

Tonight we are making Monkey Bread at our house.

For the advertisers who sponsor this over infiltrated media coverage of flim flam politics, I say...I will not be buying your products! This is my own little way of making a difference.

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