Monday, January 23, 2012

Pumpkin Rocks

My guess is, that most of my reading audience will only actually prepare 1/10 of the recipes I post here. Maida Heatter has published work. For my birthday, Mister bought me a copy of her Book Of Great Cookies. There are now several strips of paper hanging out from between the pages. I've marked many recipes I want to try. Pumpkin Rocks were the first on the list. If my description sounds appealing to you, then seek out a copy of this book. Mine came from ebay but, I saw several copies available at different shopping locations on the internet. I'm sure your local big box book store could get a copy for you too. Or the local library. If you like pumpkin, this is one of the recipes you might want to actually prepare. If you do an internet search the recipe can be easily found on various other writings.

Now to describe this cookie for you. Don't let the name fool you. These are soft. The word rock in this recipe, according to Maida Heatter makes reference to the appearance, not the texture. The raisins provide a nice sweetness. I used 7 ounces of raisins. This would be a comfort cookie for me. It's not sickenly sweet. The best part about these cookies, as far as baking them is concerned, is that a nice dollop of batter goes on the pan and it doesn't spread much. The day I baked these cookies I was home alone. I took the time to dive into the recipe and enjoy the baking process. The glaze on the cookies is a highlight for me too. Taste wise, the lemon juice in the glaze added a nice tangy flavor against the dull pumpkin. With the many spices, raisins and pecans (that's what I used) the pumpkin is a low note but, a nice flavor base to build on. Back to the glaze. I brushed the glaze on the cookies as soon they came out of the oven. As the cookies baked, with each pan, I went back to the previous batch and bathed them in the lemony sugar glaze again. I glazed until the appearance of a glazed doughnut was reached. The recipe didn't indicate to this but, it was a great outcome, if you ask me.

Recipe is HERE

Day 3, the Pumpkin Rocks are still soft, and even more delicious than right after baking.

A bitchin' good time was had by all this past weekend as we took advantage of the snow on the ground. This was our first chance to actually enjoy a little winter snow sports. It's amazing the entertainment we had with a 4-wheeler, a length of rope, and a sled.
 Today, the snow is gone.
 "Make hay while the sun shines" right? Or, make snowmen while the snow falls. Great time and good cookies.

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