Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Garden At Monticello

The Red Leafed Orach grows in the garden at the home of President Thomas Jefferson. I had never heard of this plant and eagerly photographed it, this camera click served as a good reminder to research it further. Today, I found The Austerity Kitchen, where ample information is available about this herb, also a recipe can be found there that sounds interesting. I'm not sure how readily available this herb is in the average marketplace. I know it was totally new to me. Most of the information I've read leads me to think of this crop as a spinach or lettuce of sort type produce. It's really pretty growing in the garden. When Red Leafed Orach bolts, it doesn't become bitter and contains 3 times the vitamin C as compared to spinach. Did Thomas Jefferson plant this to prevent scurvy? I wonder.

Horehound sounds to me like an herb I need to plant next year. Not only am I curious about making candy with it, but the idea that it helps alleviate sinus issues and headaches, makes it garden worthy in my opinion. This could be growing around me in the weeds and brambles and I would have no idea. It does look unsightly growing if you ask me. Even in the beautifully manicured garden at Monticello, this row of herbs looked a little disheveled. Read more about the Horehound here.

Last but not least, Angelica is growing in a tidy little row on the mountain in Virginia. Look at the photo and see how beautiful this garden is. The Angelia is a fantastic herb also from what I've been reading. It wards off evil spirits, promotes long life, and helps with gas. Maybe those three things go hand in hand, I suppose it depends on how toxic the digestive system is of the person who ingests it. Make a tea of Angelica, pass some gas, get rid of the evil spirits, and live a little longer. Sound like a good plan to me. Plus, the stems are sweet naturally and can be candied. Okay, I'm sold on growing the Angelica.

I hope you are enjoying this stroll through the gardens at Monticello as much as we did. Mulberry Row is a mystical row of trees on the property. I caught a candid photo of Mister and Aimee leisurely enjoying the sights while wandering down Mulberry Row. I have a few more crops to share with you, hopefully soon. Until then, feel free to click on over to a few of my other posts on this historical place.

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Happy Reading Good Buddy!

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