Thursday, December 6, 2012

Honey, what do you do for money?

It's early in the month of December 2012. My Christmas plans are relatively easy. Truth is, with our new home, Christmas is like a long lost friend. It's good to welcome the holidays back into our daily routine. My heart though is still wrapped up in making our house into my kingdom.
The front porch is dressed up in it's fancy Christmas glory. It's bright, colorful, childlike charming, big bulbed, toy shop, shiny garland, wonderland. It's enclosed. I'm still waiting for the snow. Here, in Ohio, you never know when the first good storm is going to show up. It doesn't have to snow on the 25th. I do hope it snows while our decorations are up and glowing. Me, my big tacky reindeer mug, and Cookie will be watching the snowfall from an enclosed porch this year. Does it get any better than this?
As for food, I found a great cook book at the Habitat For Humanity Restore. The book, a particular recipe in the book, and the story behind it all, will need to be it's own typing another time. It'll be a good one. I'm shooting for posting all about it before the holidays! Habitat could have it's own typing too. Dang, I'm envious of the folks who blog for money. Only in the sense that making money takes priority over writing in my world. But, Mama do like her some money. (is that why I'm not a professional writer? hmmm)
Some of you might have noticed the recent cookie recipes. Try them. I've posted the recipes twice. Once a few years ago, and now.
If your bedrooms and laundry room are not on the same floor, think about making it so. I'm not ancient in age by any means. The drag of hauling laundry down to a basement is as old as the hills, and I'm over it. Four children, 28 years, that's a lot of laundry. First project in the new house, well huge project, was to install a washer and dryer in a spare bedroom upstairs. While we were at it, we installed a shower in the 1/2 bath up there as well. How common was a full bath in a home built in rural Ohio during 1923? I did find it strange that no one ever addressed the need for a shower or tub on the second floor. We installed a shower. The downstairs bath has a shower/tub combo. Every day, I walk into that lovely laundry room and try not to feel unworthy of such luxury. Truly, it's a luxury. Have I told you how much this house has enriched my life. It's a great place to be Jack.
The coffee is set to brew in the morning and the smell better motivate me for another day. Making time for friends in the near future is a little higher on the priority list. Blogging, visiting real people, and baking up a batch of english muffins are top on my list of things to do. Ho Ho Ho Happy Holidays....

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