Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vintage Joy

Look for the Joy in your world and I'm sure you will find it. I'm finding joy in buying cool vintage gifts for my loved ones. I've found some great cool things on etsy and ebay. Mister asked for "cool stuff" for Christmas. I suppose everyone defines that totally different. Vintage is cool!
I found this hobby horse under a pile of rubble in the garage when we moved in. It was filthy. He's cool vintage. I literally put him in the tub, scrubbed 'em up, and he looks great on the front porch all decked out in my little Santa workshop theme.

Look, there's the hobby horse from inside the house.

The vintage dollhouse in the background of this photo was found at an auction last summer. Ho Ho Ho!

I'm a traditional Christmas gal. I like the greens and reds and Santa and candy and cookies and tinsel.

Then rolls in the non-traditional, non-vintage aspect of the holidays. Old World Christmas ornaments have the coolest selections. How could I resist this fancy little coffee cup for our tree. It's me!

Or this nifty garlic bulb! It's me. You did plant your garlic, didn't you? It's not too late. Go shove a few cloves in the dirt and grow yourself a spring time treat!

I'm pretty much okay with how the porch decorations came out this year. Next year, I won't be worn out completely from moving, and Santa's workshop will be fabulous.
I wish each and everyone of you a great big Merry Christmas!!

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