Thursday, January 31, 2013

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I'm a blogger for life. Reading and writing blogs are very much a part of my daily life. Seriously though, ( my ditzy side is surfacing) Is there a consortium out there among food bloggers making the determination for everyone to write about the same thing. Or maybe, it's like when we were in high school and everyone wanted a nicer or better version of a "thing" than the poor sniveling kid sitting beside them in Science class. Whatever it is, I just want to say, "Come on people, be original."

On occasion I do a copycat post. Sometimes I read a recipe that sounds so good that I take a risk and make it myself. If the result is above average I like to share it you. I do not, however, search pinterest, the blogs, and various internet channels looking for material to write about.
My greatest and best resource will forever come from the pages of my beloved cookbooks. I give absolutely no thought to popularity or trends. I've told you before, I'm not trendy.

The best and most interesting thing to read is information written from the gut. I scour the blogs looking for the old "from the gut" writing. Food bloggers are most guilty of the copycat mentality, in my experience. Maybe, it's a culinary world standard. Like the pretzel bun.

What are your favorite type of recipes to dabble with? Do you like new takes on old standards? Do you like odd or unique ingredients? I tend to lean more towards recipes with a history. I like a good story to go along with my recipe escapades. I need more than a close up photo of cheese or chocolate. I need more than reducing cinnamon from 1 tsp. to 1/2 tsp. and the author calling it their adaptation of the recipe.

I make every recipe as it is written, the first time around. This is the only true way to determine if the whole thing is a success or not. If changes are needed, I adjust on the second or third trial run.

Feel free to share some links to your favorite blogs in my comment section below. I love to find new reading material.

Super Bowl Sunday. Ordering food and taking a nap. Sorry guys, no close up photos of dip to share with you.

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