Sunday, February 10, 2013

The All American Cookie Book

The All American Cookie Book written by Nancy Bagget is a good addition to your kitchen library. I enjoyed the side notes located in the corner of the pages entitled Words of Kitchen Wisdom and Tips. It's not filled with tons of photographs so, if you like looking at the pictures you won't find many in this book. The photographs are of great quality though.

Chocolate Chip Cookies are always good, flat or crunchy, thick or cakelike, chewy, heck... we even like the slice and bake kind. We almost always make the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag. On this particular day, I didn't have chocolate chips. So, I had no recipe at hand, without going online and finding it. I did however, have a bookshelf filled with many glorious cookbooks.

Christmas came and left behind 4 large bars of Ghiradelli dark chocolate and white chocolate. Due to our kitchen remodel being in full swing, that stack of candy bars have been moved from one shelf to another for weeks. I knew my stove was about to be rendered useless and the gas running up through the kitchen floor was to be disconnected for a week or so. Time to bake.
 Stove was working, I had chocolate, and this cookbook.
We baked cookies.

Nancy Bagget made a few changes to the original recipe written so long ago. I like her use of 2 teaspoons of vanilla. All in all, it's a good recipe. I also like the Ranger cookie recipe from this book. It's certainly worth scrounging around to find a copy for yourself.

As to the kitchen remodel, the sound of a hammer can be heard downstairs as I type out this post. My kitchen is coming together. Just in time for Valentine's Day baking. It's an absolute joy to know that my oven will be in full swing again soon. I'm sure the many cookie recipes from Nancy Blagget will be joining me as I rediscover the joy of a clean, well organized, unpacked kitchen again.

Just as a note of reference. Mister and I packed up our kitchen and belongings in anticipation of moving 10 months ago. We are 7 months into living in our 1923 Bungalow home. My baking has been on the fly at best. I've managed to blast out a few dozen of cookies here and there. Spring is coming. My garden will be planted here at our new home and my kitchen will function like clock work. Soon, very soon!
The crew at our local post office will certainly have sweets a plenty. I can't expect my family to eat everything I bake. I'm making up for lost time!

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