Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hanging on a hank of wire in my kitchen window, the same window where the herbs sprouted, are drying herbs. The small screen opening in my 1923 windows should provide enough air flow. Truly, I have very limited knowledge about drying fresh herbs. Most of the time, I just freeze mine.

I planted the seeds in little pots back in late April. Then the plants were taken outdoors to mature and go into the ground. Surely, my herbs had many more months to grow and thrive.

We are moving my herb bed. Construction of a new garage is taking it's place. Rather than try to move fully grown plants, I opted to just go ahead and harvest them and hang them up for a good drying.
Are you an aficionado on drying herbs. If you care to share your knowledge, please drop me a note.

Frost Toad is hanging out in the corner keeping a watchful eye on everything.

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  1. I always hang them, as you have unless it is very humid-then I resort to parchment lined baking sheets in a turned off oven. I find the residual heat thirty minutes after cooking is enough to dry most things. One word of warning-don't dry sage in an oven-it will make your entire house smell like cat pee. Trust me on this one.

    If you have something with seeds like dill, tie a paper bag around the heads with some holes poked for ventilation, then hang them. People also do that for sunflower seeds. You need to keep watch that it does not go mouldy, so check them once in a while and adapt as needed.

    Oddly, I've never used my dehydrator for this-I don't know why. I probably should. *slaps head*