Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Opinions

"Anyone have dental floss? I've got a little something stuck in my teeth"
Did you have a Happy Halloween? Our Halloween totes which are filled to the brim with costumes of the last 27 years came up from the basement and we whimsically tried on a few. Then, just like that, we decided my youngest child wasn't concerned with trick or treat this year. She stayed home and helped Mom and Pop pass out the treats to the yonkers.

It rained. There were mumblings among the village residents stating trick or treat should have been postponed due to inclement weather. Alas, these same parents will sit in the rain for football, soccer games and gladly send their child out to endure the inclement weather. I, for one found the rain added a charm to the evening. People just like to have an opinion I suppose.

Cookies and cupcakes were baked and decorated this year Pumpkins were carved. But, 6th graders are too cool to take in treat bags for their classmates and this Mom was happy about that! I've made treat bags for every holiday under the sun for over a quarter of a century. This new low key observance of beggers night was fine by me.

No recipes this time around boys and girls. Only a lovely photo of my hand carved, priceless treasure. I'm entitling this years carved wonder, "Anyone have dental floss? I've got a little something stuck in my teeth"

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