Sunday, April 20, 2014

Love is all we need....

Shocked to hear antisemitism being expressed during an Easter sermon today. Yep, you guessed it, I found it appalling. Let me tell you people something, this type of thinking is demented. I just shake my head in disgust to sit in a room full of people listening to this type of nonsense being spewed in the name of God. I should have just stood up and walked out. I stewed on this all day.

Sure, there will be a reader who will take offense to the fact that I am offended. I don't care! I stand up for what I believe. Antisemitism is a crime.

Briefly, I debated if sharing this to the entire world was a mistake. You know people take strong stands on issues like this, and in small town America, I could find myself ostracized fairly quick.
I celebrate Easter. I practice Christianity as my faith system. I appreciate Science and find much comfort in knowing the orderly theories and mysteries of life. Do I care if you are Atheist? No. Are you Buddhist, Jewish, Rastafarian? Do I care and take offense to your choices? No. Do I find black holes fascinating and entertain the notions of intelligent people who have studied ancient scrolls and the ever evolving information gained from both scientists and archeologists? Yes.

Is there at least one other human being out there who is just comfortable in their skin? Does anyone besides me find themselves appalled by this?

Please stop bashing other peoples belief systems, in the name of God. If you are going to go around spreading hate towards other people and their cultures leave God out of it.

Our brains, science, neurology, these are things that are interesting. Psychological twisting of ancient texts, is diabolical, not the work of God.

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