Thursday, November 6, 2014

Holding 3 Strands Together

What happens when your man surprises you with a huge purchase of yarn? Make incredibly fun and functional stuff. Mister scored a huge pallet of yarn at an auction a few years ago. A steal at only 25 bucks. From that yarn stash, I have crocheted a funky poncho for daughter #2, two huge blankets (afghans if you must) and many smaller projects like dish clothes. Okay, you get the point. A whole lot of crocheting going on with that mere financial investment. I heart auctions.

I've branched out.

Who doesn't need a basket made of yarn? I use my yarn basket to hold my yarn. I am working on the third edition. The pattern uses up the odds and ends, those little balls of mismatched crazy yarn in my stash.

Mister watches football and I crochet. In two evenings of relaxing enjoyment, one basket can easily be crafted up. I would consider myself an intermediate level crocheter. There's very little in the way of actually crocheting that I have not attempted or mastered. I cannot however design my own patterns or make majors changes to existing ones.

Check out Red Heart Yarn. I found this FREE pattern on their website.

I'll crochambeau you for it! Yah, that line never gets old around this house.


  1. We're acting like twins again. I've been making dishcloths as we watch movies. I bought all this cotton yarn for my road trip last summer, and felt obligated to use it up.

    An entire palate would be...challenging. I like the basket idea-that's a good one to know about.

    1. What good movies have been running at your place. I recently watched "On My Way" it's a good foreign film. "Motorcycle Diaries" is among my favorites too. I love crocheting, it's therapeutic, until my fingers start to cramp.
      Check out Red Heart yarns and search for Glowing Embers Basket. I just used random yarn and disregarded their color choices. It's a quick keeper pattern.

  2. Showing that I'm still a teenager, I've been watching things like, "The Campaign", and "Kick Ass." Oh sure, we've watched serious documentaries too, but by the end of the day comedy has been about all I can take. I loved the Motorcycle Diaries.