Monday, November 17, 2014

Tamborines & Elephants

Lookin' out my back window.
 This morning.
Our upstairs laundry room over looks the roofs of our buildings. I usually peek through the curtains in the morning to determine the day ahead. This morning included boots and gloves.

In other areas of life, I've a new project.

This is the storm window to a screen door which was buried in our basement when we bought the house. Sadly, the door was in poor repair and despite my kicking and screaming the door could not be used anywhere in our home. Plan B...turn the window insert of the storm into a stained glass piece.
This is step one of removing the old caulk and old window panes. Tedious process. Work in progress.

I have dug my heels in and refused to update the wonderful 1923 windows in our home. Heavy curtains have sufficed. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. On this subject, I win!

I think my new project when finished will hang in the upstairs laundry room window. The light will fill the hallway beautifully. For now, there's a rose stained glass piece hanging there. I hate florals in my decor. The rose serves as motivation to get my hind end busy to finish up my window project.


  1. Do you have a design in mind already? Something Deco, with sharp lines to compliment the frame? Do share your progress with it-it sounds like a fascinating project.

    1. Progress is slow sometimes. The frame has been cleaned and painted. Brown. This seemed to be the most likely color. Plus, I had leftover brown paint from the basement steps. To date, I have 4 pieces of glass cut and only one properly inserted. Photos soon!