Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Janky Chair

Update on progress. You might remember my janky little chair which cost all of .50 at a yard sale. It's finished and in use, well currently it has clean clothes piled on it. I'm using it though. Here's a few photos in progress. I've yet to photograph the entire finished thought.
Anna hunted the thrifts and found many old neck ties for me. She found most of them for half price. I think this was a nice update to the seat.
Trust me this vinyl seat covered was painted several colors and could not be rescued so I stripped that stuff off faster than Jenna Jameson loses attire. Beneath the vinyl, was a nice sturdy piece of plywood perfectly sound enough to shoot staples into. Weaving the neckties was a simple process and I skipped stitching them together. I just neatly folded the neck ties over the edges onto the underside of the wood and stapled them into place. Oh, and yes I tore apart an old seat cushion from outdoor furniture and used that for a nice padding.

The old paint, several layers. Stripped easily. A decent old wooden chair but not a priceless heirloom or anything. SO although I stripped off layers of paint, I decided to add paint back here and there. I wanted to match it up with some interior painting in our upstairs hallway.
I can't sing the praises of SC Johnson Paste Wax loud enough. Yes, this stuff merits bold type. It transformed my upstairs hallway floor from worn old 1923 boards in need of proper restoration into a beautiful (incredibly slippery) floor. A vinyl backed runner took care of the slippery part. With an almost full can of wax leftover from floorapaloza, I decided to check out how it would work on bare wood.
Momma likey. The board without wax vs. the waxed up version. The wood grain stands out and I won't mind freshening up the wax from time to time.
Sure, not your choice in paint colors. If you could see the complete thought you might think differently.
Here's an almost finished version. Never mind that blue painters tape.
Leftover paint  + a fifty cent chair + some random used neckties = a nifty little seat.
I'll get around the photographing my entire hallway adventure sooner or later. Just wanted to offer an update and maybe a little inspiration.

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