Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Nooks and Crannies

If you landed here on a search for English Muffins then here is a recipe you might enjoy. Were you in search of reading devices? I can't help you there. Let's move along to the nooks and crannies of a 1920's bungalow home. Come on it will be fun.
Behind this hardly noticeable door in my kitchen is a bounty of goods. I have opened this door to retrieve an item while in the midst of company and several people have remarked to having never noticed it as a cupboard.
Check it out!
Many nooks and crannies of our home have been left in their original condition. I'll save my money on baking supplies. Have you priced home remodeling items lately? Kind of ridiculous when our kitchen functions great as it has for nearly 100 years. Why on earth I would be so bold as to come in and start renovating? If that's your thing, great. I would rather forsake new and improved to have a little extra spare change on hand for luxury baking items in my kitchen. What do I consider luxury baking items? Parchment paper, coarse sugar, lots and lots of flavorings, good flours, the best butter I can get my hands on, you get the point. Nook untouched holding my supplies.
I didn't tidy it up before you arrived. This is how I live. Someone lined the interior of my spice cupboard with a spiffy patterned wallpaper. I washed it down with some bleach when we moved into this house over 2 years ago, shut the door, and felt good about that.
The door of this cupboard has the cool old hardware. I considered cleaning it up and all, but times a wastin' and she waits for no one. Again, if you're into fine tuned hardware in your home, great. I have cakes to bake and no time for fine hardware. Isn't it splendid with natural patina?

In older homes with lots of wood, the eye overlooks hidden treasures, like my spice cupboard. It's been in my mind for days upon days to bake a cake. Not a chocolate cake, not a Maida Heater cake, not a spice or fruit or cinnamony cake. What to do, what to do?

We are suppose to be hit with some artic air soon so I might as well put on another pair of socks and go slide around in the kitchen and bake a cake.

Good bye January you mean old bitch.

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