Sunday, February 8, 2015

February Ohio Sky

The vacant snow covered fields of Ohio are rarely graced with the warm sunshine. My skills of taking photographs as we cruise down the road at 60 MPH are not a fine tuned machine. Still though, you have to admit the sunshine is looking pretty good against that frozen landscape.
We have dogs so the use of salt to melt the ice and snow directly in their path is not a good idea. Plus when it's so freezing cold the salt doesn't work. I resorted to busting the ice on our back porch steps and basically chiseling a path for the poochies and salting the human foot path.

Muddling the days of February is always a challenge. On the off chance that I'm out and about this time of year if I see the sun shining through the trees it's a photo worthy moment. I will admit that the color scheme of nature during the winter brings a peace. A nice quiet hush. Still, green fields and the smell of earth in the garden trumps over February's dignified staunch pose.


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