Monday, March 23, 2015


My flea market fever is creeping up on me as winter drags it's evil feet out the door. Our local second hand shops have been stocking their shelves with new items which have been purchased from department stores and then re-shelved at the likes of the Goodwill. All winter long I've dreamed of the flea market scene. Slim pickin's at the local secondhand stores around here.

I'm not sure who is involved in the restructuring of our area Goodwill stores. I will say, "I'm not impressed". The prices are outrageous. The "new" items that they have stocked can just as easily be found at a dollar store for far less than the Goodwill prices. My last 3 shopping trips to what was once a favorite secondhand store has found me leaving empty handed. Bummer.

Selling stuff at the flea market is just as exhilarating as shopping and find a gem. I've been stock- piling this winter and have a nice bounty to peddle at a few sales this summer. The gypsy wagon shall roll again!!

We had a slight break in the cold last week. Red potatoes went in the ground. We planted the leftover potatoes from last years harvest. Uneaten and waiting, covered in 8 inch sprouts, it seemed a shame to not give them a chance at a second go around. I'm hopeful their efforts won't go to waste and the planting will succeed.
 Also, two types of peas were planted. Of course....peas!!

No sign of asparagus yet. I have flea market fever and asparagus anticipation.
Crocheting has kept me within decent boundaries of sanity.
Stained glass window project number one is hours away from completion and projects two and three are in the works.
Isn't that just like the month of March? Hurry up and wait. I have many unfinished projects that are waiting in the wings for sunshine and blue skies.
Another winter in the books! Hip hip Hooray.

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  1. Our thrift stores seem to have forgotten they're second hand also. Part of it is down to them cross-checking the prices with ebay and etsy without understanding that they are seeing things listed at those high prices that didn't sell. The internet makes people think everything they own is a treasure (sometimes it is, but mostly not) so you'll see, "Vintage" slapped on a 70's prom dress that's ripped and stained with a tag for some outrageous sum. Maybe if it were in perfect condition, but even then it would be a stretch. Goodwills vary so much store to store that I stay clear of the ones that think stained tupperware is worth ten dollars.

    The popularity of television shows based on the idea you're going to get rich with a thrift store find don't help either. That said, I did come away from the thrift store recently with an Hermes scarf from the late 50's in perfect condition for .99 cents-but that was really just a lucky fluke.

    I'm eager for the yard sales, though they've gone nuts too calling everything an, "estate sale" because they think it sounds better and they can ask more. Why have a sale if you don't want to sell things (because no one is giving you 100 dollars for Granny's old flea-bitten wool coat from the 60's)? Gah.

    I hope the flea market goes well for you this season.