Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Asparagus has popped up! This is our first year of being able to harvest this tasty vegetable. I wasn't sure what to expect.The tiny and barely above soil sprout can grow several inches in an afternoon. The stalk shown in this photo was ready to harvest by dinner time. I won't say that we've had a bumper crop or anything, though it's been very satisfying to spy them here and there in the asparagus bed.
Fresh cut from the yard to the table asparagus is amazing, and that is all. 
Olive oil, salt and pepper, and a little sprinkle of fresh grated Parmesan cheese. Simple. Delicious.

And then there was this day. Flying kites. Ohio springtime and kite flying go hand in hand.

Is it just me or Flying a kite is a feeling of freedom. I love being connected to the kite via that thin little line of string and feeling the wind tug and whip. It's the closest thing to flying while your feet are still on the ground.

Yes, yes, I know, anymore stained glass windows in my house and I'm gonna have people showing up on Sundays looking for a hymnal and the offering plate. Never mind that business, the window on the right is portable and can be moved from window to window in our house. The door however is staying forever in that location. I love the peaceful feel.

I suppose you are wondering if I'm ever going to post another recipe. I certainly am wondering. There's something about red highlights added to your hair that makes you wonder about things. Like. If my hair gets really grey anytime soon would I do a total dye job? I don't think so. Being over half of a century old... if my hair isn't getting really grey yet then I might get by with just a highlight from time to time. This was my first addition of hair color in over 10 years so I was a little nervous. I like it though.
This little doggie is very camera shy. It's a rarity for her to make eye contact with me when I'm trying to take her photo.
This ham bone of pooch however, he loves the camera. Of course, he's old and loosing his sight. Good ole' Tucker Boy is 14.5 years old.

Not much new in the cooking world around here. I've been dabbling with crock pot recipes, to date there's been nothing outstanding to report on that subject. I did however bake a great cake known as a Hummingbird Cake. I was rather fond. You can find the recipe here. Designed to be served as a 3 layer cake, I frosted each layer separately and had 3 one layer cakes. One to eat and two to share.
No photos though.

Last year was a blur of a year and I'm certain that I aged way more than 12 months. This spring has me with less energy and frankly less desire to flit around the house and do spring cleaning. My single tasking lifestyle is more by necessity than by choice.

I hope you're enjoying a lovely day wherever you are. Being productive includes things like kite flying and taking naps. Never underestimate the power of less.


  1. Flying kites is as good a way to spend an afternoon as I know of, other than getting awesome red highlights in your hair! Love the Jackie O shades too.

    I dunno, maybe you should get people over once a week to say a few Hallelujahs and get yourself tax exempt status as a church. "First United Church of Get Off My Lawn" or whatever. For what it is worth-your stained glass windows don't look, "Churchy." They look arts and crafts movement, which fits with where you live.

    1. Good point! You can be the deacon. We'll have a church bake sale and put the kids through college!
      Yeah, I think they have that vibe to them also. Still amazed at how beautiful the different glass picks up the light and disperses through the room.
      That day was the Jackie O shades, some days it's the old lady shades over the eye glasses. You know the kind with the wings on the side. Hey, I'm pretty practical most of the time.

  2. P.S.
    Asparagus! After all your family has been through, seeing those shoots come up this year must have been a wonderful feeling.

    1. It's just perfect to stroll out back and cut a few shoots to toss in with dinner. They shoot up quickly and I have keep a close eye on them.