Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pignoli Biscotti

AKA Pine Nut Biscotti

This recipe makes a lot of fine delicate cookies. These are tender, and I rather like the crunch of the pine nuts. Some biscotti are not necessarily easily eaten unless they're dunked in a cup of coffee or tea. This recipe however produced a cookie tender enough to snack on yet still stand up to a dip in the ole' morning cup. They last for weeks if wrapped in wax paper, refrigerated and stored in an air tight container. The flavor is actually best after about a week. I guess the oils from the pine nuts permeate the cookie and the flavor is more intense. It's just a guess though.

  From the book Biscotti by Lou Seibert available on Amazon (as of the time this was typed). I ordered my copy online. I've made several of the recipes and like them all. There's something incredibly rewarding about taking the time to shape, bake, slice and bake again.

 I bake biscotti on a day when there's time for whimsy.

Yes, it's Ohio.... how can I not mention the Cavs. There, I mentioned them. An athletic achievement which is quite sensational for our state. World Champions, who would have thunk it. Congratulations Cleveland Cavaliers!

And just like that my mind turns to amber waves of grain! Ohio is alive due to the spectacular visions like this one, for me anyways...

 The geek in me is so excited to delve into this little ditty. Dated 1919-1920 The Rural School Lunch has interesting reading. I've done a quick skim. The thing which jumps out the most is a continued reference to placing hot pots on asbestos mats. Hmmm?? this could explain a thing or two! More research is needed. Happy Reading to me and
 Happy Weekend to you.

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  1. Your biscotti look look picture perfect. I don't think I could get any to keep from going soggy in our humidity, and then I'd feel obliged to eat the entire batch...better wait for fall before I try any. Thanks for the book recommendation-I'll look for it at our library.

    Asbestos mats were flame-proof or something? I've never had a pot holder catch fire, personally (yet. I mean, I don't want to jinx it or anything).