Sunday, December 25, 2016

Meaningful Connections

Meaningful connections with people.
There's an old expression "barking up the wrong tree." This idiom is pinging around inside my brain. Sincere human interaction seems to have fallen away and has been replaced with pitiful empty popular culture. Have we become content with an emoji and a "like" as our sole source of approval, acceptance, and interactions? Is this the culprit of young adults being unable to truly connect in meaningful ways?

 Dwelling in the trees of humanity.
 I know there are genuine attributes to be found. Surely, I've been standing at the bottom of a tree barking. Barking... where those qualities are off limits to me. They exist in another tree. We all deserve to have meaningful connections with people.

On this day. This very Christmas Day. The best gift of all has been the acceptance of knowing that it's okay to stop barking. Because that tree does not provide what it is I need.

Mister and I have big plans for the New Year. We are kicking off the holiday with a fun trip close to home. Aging in spirit, mind and body. Still relishing in the youth of our youngest child who keeps us current and involved. Otherwise we could surely become reclusive relics and be just fine doing so. Guarding our youngest from the traps of popular culture and the stagnant emptiness of social media. We have grown. As individuals and as a family.

If you're finding a relationship in your life is leaving more of a broken feeling than genuine acceptance, consider pondering what you are hoping to find with that individual. Perhaps those qualities are no where to be found. Forge meaningful connections. Do yourself this kindness.

This is my gift to me this Christmas 2016.

Merry Christmas to you!

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