Tuesday, December 11, 2018


If you're new here, take a minute to check out the tab entitled "About", The words written today will be better understood as you read.

Columbia Creations... do I look for the connection therefore I find it, or does this reoccurring theme truly seem to unravel?
As I sat on the phone with my local gas company today, switching the bill from Mister's name to my own. The surreal reminder of this blog shot through me like an electric pulse. Right through to my very core.

It's been nearly two years since my last post.

During this time period, I have endured and been grieving the loss of my mother, the death of my brother, the death of both of my beloved dogs, the end of my marriage to Mister.

I tell you this list of personal catastrophes not looking for comfort as there is no earthly way to overcome. Breath. Accept. Release. Let Go. Repeat. Daily if not hourly at times.

So, good old Columbia Gas Company turned my writer bone back on. I considered starting a new blog. A fresh, updated, solo venture blog.

 Yet, every post.
 Every triumph in gardening, Every adventure in travels. Every recipe tasted and enjoyed, were and still are the shining truths and accomplishments of my experiences.

I fired up the oven today, dusted off the cookie sheets.
I will come back to this place.
This place is my home.
This place is my expression.
 Columbia Creations and I have been stagnant. But, like the Dahlias I've grown. We both will bust open in bold bloom once again.

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  1. Sending you all the hugs and positive vibes I've got.