Saturday, June 20, 2009


Last night with anticipation of a busy weekend and Father's day I started cooking dishes to have in the refrigerator for meals at will. I received an email from Helen with two likely candidates for weekend chow. Chicken Dip will be an appetizer/ munchie for everyone. Chicken Casserole is the main dish on Sunday.

I had tons of wonderful ripe strawberries from Rittman Orchards so I am currently whipping up Frozen Strawberry Yogurt in the ice cream machine.

The vegetable dish for reheat is a Puffed Cauliflower Casserole. This is the most practical way I know to use half a cauliflower and still have plenty for fresh dipping.

What I most look forward to cooking today is Fresh Pesto with Bowtie Pasta topped by fresh grated parm. A fresh toasted hearty bread drizzled with Olive Oil and rubbed with garlic! Oh yeah baby! What to do with the leftover pine nuts is my only question of the weekend.

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