Monday, August 31, 2009

Slow Down Saturday

Starting this week I have bumped an item up on my wanna do list. Guess what? I plan to share this weekly joy with you and I hope you will play along.

Here's what I wanna do...

I want to make a delicious slow cooked, home cooked meal for my family on at least two Saturdays each month. (no crock pot required)

I will post on Thursday the ingredient list needed to make the Saturday meal. If you plan to play along on that week this enables you to pick up the grocery items to cook along with me Saturday.

Fond memories of my childhood and my current frustration with the main stream food culture has lead me to divise this plan.

Fond memories...As a child our dining room had a huge picture window. The steam when my mom cooked a meal would enter from the kitchen and mist over the inside of the window. I can still feel the warmth and love I experienced as a child knowing that she was taking the time to cook our family something special that evening for dinner. These are unspoken acts that leave an impression on a child. I hope to leave the same loving impression for my family.

My frustrations with food culture... Best selling cookbooks and television personalities have gone from offering simple time saving solutions to convincing us that we are so busy that every meal should be made in half an hour or microwaved in some funky steam bag. What happened to steaming up the windows with a slow cooked home cooked meal?

Yes, I am busy like everyone else. I am the self proclaimed queen of slow and view the gotta do list and the wanna do list as equally important.

Does my poor neglected family sometimes fend for themselves and eat a bowl of cereal for supper? Of course, they do! Did I just confess that to you?

Redemption is at hand however!

If you have some redeeming to do with your loved ones or just feel like pampering yourself... then by all means Slow Down this Saturday and steam up a window or two with me!

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  1. This sounds VERY interesting.
    I can't wait for Thursday now!