Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 25th 2009

The big day of the year has come and gone. My holiday could be described as a success or failure depending from what perspective it is viewed or reviewed from. The success could be found in the food items that rolled out of my kitchen over the past few days. The failure would be found in my lack of discipline to photograph (document) these accomplishments to share on this blog.

As I have stated before, "I am a woman of slow moving accomplishments". I am realistic about how much needs to get done which I call my "gotta dos". Today, the gotta do list was bigger than usual...tis the season... so my "wanna dos" suffered.

A tally mark in the success column represents my traditional breakfast casserole that I make every Christmas morning. However, as I sit and type in this entry the recipe is elsewhere in the piles that have accumulated over the holiday. Check...a tally mark in the failed column. I will however deliver on the recipe at another time soon.
My baking this season was accomplished and no one on the outside world realizes that I failed to provide for you, my blog reader, every single recipe. Although technically I can still deliver on my promise of sharing 12 cookie recipes.

We could continue along that line of thinking for several paragraphs and I could confess every thing I have done and failed to share with the entire world via internet. Instead I will give you my general overview and bid you a happy Saturday tomorrow.

Unless you are interested in seeing piles of shredded gift wrapping paper and piles of blankets and pillows left behind by Christmas nappers, I will refrain from taking any photographs for you today.

To the mere mortal this Christmas Day 2009 will most likely be remembered as a success. It's now almost midnight and all I can utter is a huge sigh of relief. I am ready to get back to business as usual.

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