Sunday, April 18, 2010


Paper art once occupied a reasonable amount of my time. In some ways blogging has replaced that art form. What was paper art to me at that time period in my life? A journal, a record, a way of expressing myself and sharing things of beauty.

 Now mind you, paper art is an expensive hobby. The who-whoopers, slew-slumpers, and then there are the flung-floopers, and let us not forget the who-wunkers. Okay...fine... that's a list of toys from Whoville.

 Paper art is a huge money making industry. Just when a crafter purchases and conquers one machine a new improved version comes along. I used one such slew-slumper to create a Garden Scrapbook about my garden in 2008.

The same envy that drove the Grinch to steal these items from the happy little Whoville people is the same type of jealousy that I saw driving many people in the paper art industry. My paper gadget is better than yours and my technique is better than yours. No thank you! The beauty of the art form is lost in a pool of cattiness.

I have since hung up my paper art belt to devote my time to a more gratifying hobby. Blogging! I am super human in my slow-down way of accomplishing things and trying to squeeze paper art into the equation just doesn't fit right now.

Blogging is free after all!

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