Monday, May 3, 2010


I couldn't resist buying this curious looking vegetable. 

With a cost of only 68 cents, the chayote, beckoned me to at least try it once. It's a bit odd looking.The seed is weird too. Well, weird is in the eye of the beholder.
I did a small amount of reading about the chayote prior to tackling it head on.
I chose to peel. I removed the seed.
I read conflicting opinions on the necessity of either action. I played it safe.
Peeling the chayote exposed me to a waxy, soapy, and almost slippery feel to the flesh of the vegetable itself. Eaten raw, the only taste I found this to be similar to would be an english walnut. I expected a squash taste. From the little that I read, it was suggested to prepare it as you would any squash.
I tossed the chopped chayote into a dry skillet ( I love using an electric skillet). It seemed natural to throw in a chopped sweet potato. What the heck....I peeled and chopped one apple and added to the pan. After a slight browning on everything I decided to add a little extra virgin olive oil. I might skip on that next time. This was a fly by the seat of my pants and taste as I went dish. And salt of course...
I like smoked sausage with most squash dishes so it seemed only natural to cube
 8 ounces of this skinless meat into the whole concoction.
When the veggies and apple were tender I started scrounging the cupboard for more flavor.
Now time for a little seasoning!
I have a fresh sage plant out on the deck.

Chopped Sage
Red Pepper Seeds
Red Wine Vinegar
The chayote is very bland. The salt complimented the sweet potato well. The apple was a nice little subtle sweetness to the dish.
I deglazed the pan with a small amount of red wine vinegar. Tossed in a generous sprinkling of red pepper seeds, sprinkled with coriander and last but not least the fresh sage.

All in all I liked it!!
It was worth the .68 just to peel this martian looking thing and then dissect it and experiment with something totally new.
This was my dinner.
I think it's pretty much a Hash.
Chayote Sorta Hash

Buttered sliced french bread browned in the same skillet I cooked the Sorta Hash in.

The chayote is not a super star but a nice supporting actor in the show.

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