Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Someday Farm

Very few things are perfect here.
The house needs painting.
Weeds need pulled.
If I worked from sunrise,
to sun down.
I still wouldn't be done.

Look at the progress from where the bent tree stood,
the new blades of grass grow,
like a golf course green.

Once covered in debris and uncared for clutter,
this new flower bed shows signs of greatness.

Do I shutter at the sight of a deck that needs stain,
or admire my basil growing in the bed down below?
I think if I worked from sunrise to sundown,
my sweet someday farm would still be the same.

The black walnut needs trimming but, the bushes are moved,
to the back bed where Tuba frog and hope of beauty lives.

So I sip my lemonade,
Imagine a shade of paint.
And drift off into a daydream of how pretty it will be,
when it's perfect.

Have you ever had one of those days that you work in 10 different areas all at the same time. That is the kind of day I had today. My fingers are almost to stiff to type from the weed pulling and shoveling and planting and scraping and digging and more weed pulling.
There has been one trouble area after another since I started caring for this part of the earth. Over the years, I have invested so much sweat and hard work into my homes that I  have lived in.

This part of the earth is different. It is my someday farm. Someday I will have chickens....Shhh don't tell Mister...he will say NO! Someday all of my flower beds will be weed free. Someday the perennials will be big and lush. The blueberry cage will be finished.
I just don't think I could ever live in one of those neighborhoods where the homeowner association tells me how long my grass should be or the color of my mailbox is wrong. I think I kind of like the "lived in" look of Columbia Creations. The dream, the vision, the future plans are more beautiful.... than I could ever imagine!

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