Sunday, June 27, 2010


The Ode To Tucker Boy

Our canine friends entered this family unexpectedly. Each one has their own story and their own place in our lives. I love spending time watching the pecking order our dogs have established.
First off, Mister Tucker Boy. He has been with us since April 2005. Mister had gone to the local Humane Society to do a little dog shopping. The Humane Society in our county has a website to view all dogs available for adoption. While Mister shopped in person, I was able to view the selections, simultaneously online. I have to admit that Tucker was a larger dog than I had planned on getting. Mister, however knew right away that he was the one. Socks was his given name at the pound. Socks went straight to Mister and laid his head down on Mister's knee.
The personality of Tucker is pure charm. His butterscotch color is as warm as his heart. He is kind to the little dogs and plays ever so gently with them. He loves being shaved. We have his groomer leave the little poofy tail on the end. Tucker is Lab/Collie mix.
Tucker has an invisible fence. He roams around on border patrol. Just don't cross over the line if he doesn't know you. His protective instinct for our family is passionately loyal. Mild mannered snuggle buddy turns into grand protector with the slightest amount of threat. He is a long haired pooch.

Next time around meet Cookie and hear her story.

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