Sunday, June 27, 2010


A New Friend Moved In 18 months ago!
Without warning Cookie came home from work with me one day. She needed a home. Her birthday is New Years Day. She is Pomeranian/Toy Terrier mix. On the day she road home with me that was all I really knew about her. I considered changing her name. I didn't though. If I am posting on this blog chances are she is right next to me.
Cookie has become the best part of my day on many occasions. She loves Tucker and grooms him regularly. This motherlike grooming is quite a sight. If it rains, you can be sure, Cookie will be there to dry Tucker off. She is the Little Mommy of our dog kingdom.  
She is also my personal body guard. She growls and puts up the biggest fuss whenever someone approaches me while she is on my lap. Cookie is possesive and jealous. I had never experienced those traits in an animal before. It's pitiful and sweet. It is an absolute need that I pet her before petting the other two dogs. Her feelings are hurt easily and she wears them on her sleeve. Our second edition to the family animal kingdom, Miss Cookie Bookie, is the sweetheart.
Lucy the Yorkie is next! 

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