Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have heard horror stories from people as they explain how their adult child moved back home. When Libby moved back home last spring I was thrilled. Libby would be bringing her dog Lucy. Mister was not so thrilled about this. Lucy, a 5lb. fully grown Yorkie throws her weight around as if she were a snarly old hunting dog. Watching Lucy run (and keep up) with Tucker and Cookie is the funniest thing ever.
Having been the product of apartment life, this little dog, adjusted slowly to the life here at Columbia Creations. For the first few weeks we could barely get here to go outside and experience the great outdoors. She preferred carpet to grass and air conditioning over a summer breeze. A year and a half later she has grown up to become a real dog now. She drinks from puddles, frolics in the tall grass, and playfully interacts with the insect world. City dog likes being a country dog now!
The tour of our animal kingdom is now complete. We are harvesting some great stuff from our garden. As soon as I figure out the snafu with my camera I will start posting more garden/food stuff.

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  1. Mister is STILL not thrilled about the 5lb pain in the.....