Friday, July 30, 2010

Poblano Peppers / Chile Rellenos

Our Poblano pepper plants are waist high. Each plant is producing about 8 peppers a week. Naturally, Chile Rellenos were bound to wind up on the dinner table sooner than later. Our local Mexican restaurants have conflicted variations on the Chile Relleno. So, for that reason I can't exactly tell you that this version is authentic. In fact, the recipe I used as a general guide tonight specified to use green peppers. I like Poblano peppers in this dish. Check out my harvest today.

The base recipe I referred to came from Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Cookbook. I will be posting my version with all of the improvisation.
1. Wash those peppers
2. Blacken the skins and rub this layer off. Two methods can be used, direct flame or oven roasting. I am still tinkering with this step. Oven baking almost softens the pepper too much and direct flame doesn't seem to soften enough. You experiement and let me know which you like best.
Remove the charred layer
Okay, I forgot the photograph the next step so bare with me here!
3. Make a small slit into the pepper, remove the seeds, leaving the top in tact. I used Brick and Monty Jack cheese because that is what I had. Stuff a huge chunk of cheese inside the pepper and toothpick to hold together if needed.
4. Dust the pepper with all purpose flour.

5. Now, here is where the measuring just gets out of control and I am only offering a guideline of one egg per two peppers. Seperate the egg white, saving the yolk. Beat the whites to stiff peaks, gently beat the yolk and fold into the egg white. Season generously with salt (approximately 1/4 tsp. per egg). Add a generous pinch of sugar (Yes Sugar...don't skip it) and fresh cracked black pepper. Dip the whole package into this divine batter.
6. Fry the pepper in olive oil.
7. I am fortunate enough to have tons of fresh vegies for the sauce. I suppose you could use jarred salsa and follow this step as is. I had this mixture on hand. Lemon juice, various chopped peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and cilantro. Sooo I processed it all together.
This mixture was simmered on low with a 1 cup of water, and about 1/4 cup of sugar for 15 minutes.
Smother your pepper with this delicious sauce!

I should have taken a photo with the cheese gushing out once the fork was taken to this little package of joy. At that point....the camera just wasn't on my mind. Photos, as usual, do not do this dish justice!!


  1. Your garden makes me envious, and I'll be passing your blog to my chef husband. This dish looks wonderful, and chile rellenos is one of my all time absolute favorites!

  2. Just curious if this version of Chile Rellenos would best describe what you define it to be. Sometimes we order it and the cook sends out some glob of meat with a pepper tucked inside. The garden is busting out vegies like crazy right now!