Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Carrots... white, yellow, purple, and red! I thought this was pretty cool! I'm not sure what recipe I will use them in yet. One thing is for certain, there is something magical about pulling a purple carrot out of the garden.

The tiny little black onion seed will be saved for next years garden. Several of my crops have been allowed to go to seed in anticipation of Garden 2011. The onion rows almost resemble a flower bed with the huge clumps of seed pockets shooting from the top of the onion. Most likely I am missing some fancy technical term for 'clumps of seeds'....aaaaa who cares, I like my term just fine.

Digging potatoes today turned into a rather labor intensive job. Only because I neglected to pull the weeds between the hills. After I actually located the base of the plant, and untangled it from the pesky weeds, the work turned to joy. I haven't weighed the haul from today. My fair guess would be 40 lbs.of Red Potatoes and 60 lbs. of Yukon Gold came from the three rows that were dug. For some reason I have it in my head that I will experiment with freezing my own homemade hashbrowns. How hard can it be?

Banana Peppers have such a classic beauty as they grow.

 I cringe at the thought of the amount of work waiting for me tomorrow.
 I love my huge garden.
I especially love it during the blizzards of winter....soup, stews and more.
 Yet, every year around this time, I swear next years garden will be smaller.
 Harvest time is so super busy!
 Then spring rolls around again and I see the bare ground.
 An empty canvas waiting to explode with vegetable color.

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