Monday, August 23, 2010

Jalapeno Jelly

Just think of how scrumptious this jalapeno jelly will taste this winter. It will be slathered on a warm slice of cornbread, no doubt. Knowing last spring that I planned to make this jelly, I selected a variety of jalapeno peppers called 'Fooled You'. This pepper has all of the fruity delicious flavor without the heat. heat.

My only taste of this batch of jelly came on the tip of a spoon. You know... that little bit of jelly setting up in the bowl after the jars have been filled. That tiny bite was a teaser. Sweet as you would expect jelly to be, minus the familiar fruity flavor of typical jellies. Most interesting I must tell you.

I plan to make more tomorrow.
The recipe can be found in the Ball Canning Book.

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